Sensei Burrito

Sense Burrito

Written by O Sensei


Sensei-Sensation Burrito

1-2 lbs chicken or substitute with Steak/Shrimp/Tofu/Tempe

1 – bag frozen corn or 2 ears fresh (strip kernels)

1 – Can black or pinto beans

1 – large tomato—chopped

1– lemon—for zest and juice

2 – leaves chopped kale

10 – corn or wheat soft tortilla

Shredded Jack CheeseSauté’ chicken in Sensei Sauce in and open pan until liquid caramelizes.

In the pan shred chicken and stir until completely covered in glaze.

Heat corn and add to sauté.

Squeeze in lemon and stir.

Heat tortilla and place on plate, add sauté’, beans, chopped tomato, kale, and shredded jack cheese.

Add zest and extra Sensei Sauce to taste.