Sensei Burger

Sensei Burger

Written by O Sensei


Sensei Burger

2-3 lbs – lean beef (20% or less fat)

1 cup Sensei Sauce

1 tbls chopped ginger

3 cloves garlic—chopped

1 large onion

1/4 lbs mushrooms

Sliced Jack Cheese

Place hamburger in mixing bowl.

Add Sensei Sauce and mix well.

Add ginger and garlic

Let stand and mix again

Sauté’ onions, two cloves garlic and sliced mushrooms in oiled or buttered pan add 3 tablespoons Sensei Sauce and finish—set aside

Make patties and grill or pan fry.

Place on bun and garnish with Sensei Sauté’ (onions/mushrooms)

Add jack cheese & lettuce or kale

Sprinkle with cayenne pepper.