Judo For Your Food

Sensei Sauce

Sensei (sen’-say) 1. Teacher, master or mentor. 2. Term of respect used in Japanese martial arts, such as Judo.
Judo (ju-do)  1. “Gentle way”  2. The martial art of moving with the energy of one’s opponent, instead of against it.
Sensei Sauce 1. Master of all sauces. 2. Judo for your food. Ever notice how most Asian cooking sauces taste the same? Or worse, make the foods you put them on taste the same!

Sensei Sauce™ is different. Starting with a Korean marinade recipe passed down from a friend and mentor years ago, we have refined our Asian sauce to bring its all-natural ingredients into perfect harmony. With a little simple alchemy™, fresh whole foods come together in small handmade batches to make this elegant and versatile Asian sauce. We toast each batch with sake, symbolizing the love and respect we have for our sauce. Plus, we like sake. A lot!

Sensei Sauce™ will bring out the best in your food, without covering up its true flavor. Use our sauce on seafood, meat, veggies, rice and noodles. We even like it on salad!

Take it home and satisfy your family and friends with your own recipes and our sauce. We would love to hear from you about your own experiences with Sensei Sauce™.